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Our world is becoming smaller and cooperating across cultures becomes more and more important. 


Please find below some articles that I published. They deal with leadership and discovery, intercultural management and other phenomena you encounter in MNCs.

Is Empathy a skill that can be learned
Empathy is primarily innate and depends on your personality type, but also secondarily a skill that can be learned and improved. Find out different ways of practising empathy and why it comes easier to some people.
Is empathy a skill that can be learned.p[...]
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Cultural Models
There are many different models trying to describe cultural differences and how to best leverage them. Having worked with diverse teams and executives from China, Japan, Europe, and the USA for over 12 years I have come across a variety of models and here’s what I found to work best.
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Cross Cultural Agility Training
Learning to lead a team or a company effectively in a different cultural setting is very much like endurance training. Maybe not quite like training for a triathlon, there are a few parallels however: It doesn’t happen overnight: Like any other muscle or endurance training it takes time.
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When does Trust start?
We really need to differentiate between trust and bias... They are not the same. Bias can be removed and worked on if we connect to each other. Trust can be learned, too, by acting less on your bias, being aware of it and leaving your cultural bubble and your comfort zone.
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The Beauty of Critical Thinking
In this time and day, the age of information abundance, it seems even more important to hone your critical thinking skills...
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Is patience a skill that can be learned?
I’ve often been asked by leaders from various cultural backgrounds to coach them on patience. Interesting one, this. Is patience a skill that can be learned?
Is Patience a skill that can be learned.[...]
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Be water, my friend
Leadership in a high control environment
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To know the road ahead
Immerse yourself in different culture groups.
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Saving Face - Show patience and listen
aving Face is a much discussed issue in Western companies who have business and dealings in China and very hard to grasp as an outsider. Saving Face includes a sense of honour and belonging, respect, social status and relationships. It ranges from social graces, suave manners and savoir-faire to managing ones own emotions and following protocol with gifts and favours.
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A recurring theme in my coaching sessions with leaders and teams from Greater China is assertiveness. Male and female leaders alike are often asked by their European and American counterparts/ bosses to be more assertive, to sell themselves and their teams better and to speak up more in group settings.
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