Creating a Coaching Culture

Create a Coaching Culture throughout your organisation. Creatively tap into your strenghths and become aware of your values, beliefs, habits and behavior allowing you to implement lasting change.


My Coaching style is very interactive and designed to support you to rediscover what drives you and pursue what truly matters.


Coaching Process

Status Quo

In order to ensure the best results all engagements start with an in depths analysis and thorough stakeholder discussions. Different assessment tools are used to identify the development areas and appropriate measures.


Setting SMART goals with all relevant parties that tie into existing corporate processes ensure the best possible results. These goals are integral part of the Coaching/ Training agreement.

Changes will be implemented with the coachee and tracked using agreed review and measuring tools. 


Finally results will be communicated after being thoroughly discussed and reviewed with the coachee. Naturally none of the session content is communicated and remains 100% confidential.



Integrated Coaching Approach

Based on different theories, my Integrated Coaching model strongly ties into existing corporate processes, especially for MNCs working across different cultures. 


I use different Coaching techniques from tested Coaching Models depending on the situational and individual need.

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